Change the narrative from reactive, to proactive, to predictive.

Why us?

The real or perceived deterioration of the customer travel experience has reached a fever pitch with current events producing a largely reactive response from multiple airlines. There exists a clear first - mover advantage to the organization demonstrating the ability to change the narrative from reactive, to proactive, to predictive. A proactive strategy empowers and encourages both the staff and the passengers to positively impact the customer experience. The proprietary WellTuned system powered by Mention My Biz allows you to connect these groups.

"Feedback on every person involved in delivering the best customer experience."

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The Gaps We Fill

Proactive Experience


Discover what is working and what needs improvement in real-time allowing for thoughtful changes and quick responses.

“Create curriculums that preempt scenarios leading to poor customer experiences.” -O. Munoz, United

Predictive Experience


Take inputs on behaviors and learn from them. Prevent a potentially bad experience from happening without the passenger ever knowing.

“Apply customer data to solve trouble spots in your toughest customer journeys today.” -Jeff Foley, Pegasystems

Passenger Experience


Empower and incentivize passengers to be a part of improving the customer experience. To have a customer centric service means including the customer in the process to improve it.

Personnel Experience


Drive engagement by measuring and rewarding the behaviors that matter. Accountability through customer recognition and private feedback goes back to the most fundamental concept of recognition and reward.

Why does it matter?

WellTuned connects customers to front-line employees - providing businesses insights into both groups - driving customer satisfaction and employee performance.

“For every one point of improvement in customer experience index scores, airlines gain $168m in incremental revenue.”
-Maxie- Schmidt-Subramarian, Forrester

“Customer experience index leaders enjoyed a 14% total revenue growth rate advantage over customer experience laggards.”
-Harley Manning, Forrester

Why Partner?

  • Ease of implementation. Our discovery phase aligns your goals with our solution allowing us to seamlessly integrate into your existing app.
  • Real-time data. Exceed expectations in real time with WellTuned as we relay the behaviors that passengers value.
  • Intellectual Property. We have been working on the consumer to employee engagement problem since 2015 and we have the system to solve it.
  • Managed dashboard. Access passenger feedback, and departmental and employee data in one place. Manage assets such as endorsement badges and organizational details.
  • Track performance. Target the behaviors that matter and track the employees who best embody them. Promote retention by recognizing and rewarding employee performance.